The Association of Community Publishers members are owners, publishers, general managers and sales managers of community publications throughout North America. Their diverse membership ranges from small, independently owned publications with circulations less than 5,000 up to divisions of major communications companies publishing millions of copies every week. The common bond among ACP’s membership is that all publications serve the readers to the best of their ability in their designated circulation areas.

Recognizing not only new revenue opportunities, but also continued potential for current clients is critical to a publishing operation's stability and its role within the Community. Knowing which best practices support any technology deployment is the key to making your investments in your operation and your staff a success. Anygraaf's staff has the experience to provide publishers with global perspective and local advantages.

We're looking forward to speaking with conference attendees about the strategies that we see working for our worldwide clients using our solutions.

About Anygraaf:

Approaching our third decade of operation as an independent software vendor servicing publishers worldwide makes us unique. Grateful too. Our product road map has been developed, revised and delivered with the benefit of dedicated colleagues who pursue the evolving challenges of the market. From our worldwide headquarters in Finland, Anygraaf is meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Through our regional offices and partners, our team has the privilege to speak with publishing professionals as they grow their success, while maintaining their customers’ expectations. It’s accurate to say, we’re not only in this together, but we’re counting on our clients for future Innovations.