Anygraaf will join our colleagues as we address our industry's challenges and unique opportunities.

Themes that will shape NRS23

Unlock the power of AI and automation for your newsroom: How can you leverage and embrace machine learning and AI in the newsroom?

Editorial metrics that matter: Learn from publishers about the measurements and tools giving them a better understanding of their readers, helping them to achieve greater reach and to convert and retain subscribers.

Audiences-first journalism: Knowing your audience better will yield greater engagement. What are the key tactics to increase audience engagement and improve your content so that you better meet the needs of your readers?

Relevance and engagement: Time to focus on the needs of future readers. How can you connect better with the next generation of readers? What are the most efficient distribution channels to better connect with each of your audience groups?

Newsroom organization and collaboration: New roles in the newsroom keep being created. What can you do to improve leadership and step up collaboration in your newsroom? What plans can you emulate to find, onboard, develop and keep the best talent? How do you collaborate with others to improve your coverage?

Anygraaf is looking forward to speaking with conference attendees about the strategies that we already see working for our worldwide clients using our solutions.

About Anygraaf:

Approaching our third decade of operation as an independent software vendor servicing publishers worldwide makes us unique. Grateful too. Our product road map has been developed, revised and delivered with the benefit of dedicated colleagues who pursue the evolving challenges of the market. From our worldwide headquarters in Finland, Anygraaf is meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Through our regional offices and partners, our team has the privilege to speak with publishing professionals as they grow their success, while maintaining their customers’ expectations. It’s accurate to say, we’re not only in this together, but we’re counting on our clients for future Innovations.